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Visionbook helps You to keep Your goals, plans and life strategies in one place. Commit just couple of minutes a day for Visionbook to see Your life grow!

Writing those things down daily and reflecting on your day is an important part of the process.
Daily Journal
This section allows you to make a list of priorities for each day to structure your daily life.
Today’s Priorities
It will make you feel accomplished when goals are achieved.
Daily Routine
Year Goals
Identify and envision your yearly goals and values, the things that you want to achieve thanks to this process.
Mission Statement
Dream Visualization
Write your reasons to envision the WHY and read it daily to stay on track.
Visualization gives you the opportunity to see what you want in your life to achieve any goal.

How to start New Year's Resolutions?
Use this 4-step formula to help you get started with creating powerful New Year’s resolutions and then achieve them in the coming year.
Set SMART Goals

SMART goals are goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely. New Year’s resolutions already have a built-in timely factor. Now, it’s about making sure your goal meets the other four criteria.

Create a Vision Board

By creating a vision board for your New Year’s resolutions, the power of visualization will have a bigger impact on your life. Looking at your vision board everyday is an excellent way to stay on track with your goals while also reinforcing positive thoughts and ideas.

Share Your Resolutions
Sharing goals helps you push through obstacles when you have friends that understand your vision and can offer help or advice when you get stuck.
Keep Track of Your Progress
A great way to keep track of your progress is habit tracking and journaling. Habit tracking helps you to stay consistent with the actions your resolve to do, while journaling can capture the emotional aspects of your progress.
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New Year's Resolution Templates

Here are three type of resolutions that will encourage you to take better care of yourself, leave bad habits behind, and feel more fulfilled.

Financial Goals

  1. Get out of debt before October 2022
  2. Additional financial stream
  3. Achieve financial independence
  4. Own a profitable business
  5. Make a million and give away 50% of it
Personal Growth

  1. Pursue a college degree or profession
  2. Make a difference in others’ lives
  3. Change the world, one person at a time
  4. Develop an attitude of gratitude
  5. Cultivate mindfulness
Work-Life Balance

  1. Create space and time to take care of yourself
  2. Visit 5 countries
  3. Gain more control of my life
  4. Build affirming relationships with friends and coworkers
  5. Live free from personal, financial, and vocational worry
  6. Take quarterly vacations with my family

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Aleksandra Bomba
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I was always using a lot of personal development apps, but only Visionbook really met my needs. I love that it consists of virtual vision board and tools that help me structure my work towards the life of my dreams. As a graphic designer, illustrator and freelancer Visionbook allows me to see step by step where am I going in life.
Sylwia Le
Traveller & Blogger

I have finally found my favorite vision-making and life-structuring app. I love it and use it every day! It helps me feel organized and calmer in life.
Define Your WHY in life.
There is no goal-making without a strong vision about Your life. Visionbook let’s You see where Your life is going.
Define Your HOW in life.
Visionbook helps You commit to the life strategy You chose.
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